Friday, January 11, 2013

YachtWorld App - Find Your Next Yacht

Application: iPad
Function: Yachts for Sale, Yacht Brokerage
Cost: Free
Rating: *****

What is the perfect boat for you? Are you looking for a runabout to pull the kids on the weekend, a cabin cruiser to do the Great Loop, a day sailor to race at the local yacht club or a world class cruiser to carry you around the world?  In the past I have taken to the Internet in attemps to find my future cruising yacht. I have pursued the many yachts on, YachtWorld, BoatTrader, BoatQuest and iBoats. All of them work pretty much the same and many have the same boats listed on them.

The YachWorld app is fairly new on the market and it is now easier than ever to locate the yacht of your dreams.

  • Add boats to your favorites
  • 12 different categories of yachts
  • Advanced search features
  • Search by Keywords
  • Save your search criteria
  • View your most recent searches
  • Editorial Showcase
  • View images in full landscape mode
  • Email a listing to a friend
  • Contact the Broker
  • Share a listing to Facebook
The YachtWorld app's main screen has several soft keys across the bottom to assist you in searching and saving your search criteria.

The Search screen allows you to enter your search criteria to find your perfect yacht. The Saved button lists your saved search criteria.  Recent displays a list of the most recent listings that you have viewed.  Favorites is a list of yachts that you have marked with the Star as your favorites.  Searches are saved with the Save Search button on the top right of the display.  The search criteria can be cleared with the Reset button.

You can start your search criteria by simply typing the make or model into the search bar. To refine your search, start selecting the search options of New, Used, Power or Sail, Type, Year, Dollar Range, Boat Length and Location for your search. Each of these have easy drop downs for selecting a range for the values.

You will want to check out the Editorial Showcase.   This is a list of elite world class yachts that are truly among the worlds best. You will want to spend some time checking these out even if they might be out of your price range. I know they are way out of my league.

This is definitely a must have download. If your anything like me, once you buy a boat your already looking for the next one.  I find myself spending hours looking at boats. Is this some kind of sickness? If it is, I don't want the cure. I enjoy it too much and I hope you do to.

~~~Sail On ~~~ /)


  1. i love Hire a Yacht in Dubai its my most favorite thing in a trip.

  2. Power board cruiser is my type. Beautiful to me.

  3. Yacht world needs this app for android

    1. I hear you! Many apps are initially developed on iOS for the iPad and iPhone. Although there are more Android devices out there it take time for developers to produce an Android version.

      Make a request, if enough of us complain something might get done.