Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boat Show Season

Application: iPhone, iPad
Function: Boat Show events, schedule, tickets and parking info
Cost: Free
Rating: ***

Aah, there is no better place than a boat show to rekindle that dream of going cruising some day.

Boat show seasons seem to happen ever year about this time.  The off season gives boaters the opportunity to check out new models and equipment offered by the manufacturers. Manufacturers flock to these event to show off their latest models and accessories.

There is nothing more fun that wandering the docks checking out the new boats and picking up brochures and promotional swag items from the dealers. I actually start to salivate when I enter a boat show. To me it is better than Christmas.  I just wander around aimlessly for hours checking out the new shiny boats.  Oh, I love the smell of fiberglass in the morning.  The new boat smell give me a natural high that is unexplainable.  You get the picture!

Most of the Florida boat show information can be found on the Show Management Website.  They also have a Boat show App that looks like it might be useful to help you navigate the various shows on their site.

The main splash screen for the app gives a listing of the upcoming Events and past shows so you can keep track of the dates and times.

Soft keys at the bottom help you navigate the app to other pages including a Favorites, News and Connect.

The app does not cover all of the boat shows in the country. It appears to just cover a few of the Florida based events.

Each event has a page with pertinent info for the show. The app is useful in that is will give you a list of some of the upcoming shows.

Detailed event information includes, boats, manufacturers, exhibitors, the event map and a handy street map.

Additional information on the Seminars that will be offered at the show is useful if you want to actually learn something while you are there.

Other useful items include, Bus pickup and drop points, Food a Drink, Restrooms, Emergency services, Show Offices, Sponsors, dates and times.

The app does a pretty good job in giving you a road map of the exhibitors and other show activities. If your looking for a specific boat type or manufacturer, the app will help you search and locate them at the show.

The show schedule and ticket information if provided along with parking and other logistics to get you to the show and help you find what your looking for once you get there.

A handy News page will keep you updated on all the latest breaking new on the boat shows.

There are a ton of press releases on who is going to be at the show and what new products and electronics will be highlighted.

Various vendors hospitality information is updated to let you know where the best parties will be at.

Vendors products news in updated here so you can keep up on the latest gadgets

Additional articles and guides will help make your boat show experience more enjoyable.

Venue maps are provided to help you navigate your way around the shows.

These maps are interactive and allow you to zoom in to see details of the boat show venue.

A complete listing of all the vendors and their locations are provided to help your find what your looking for.

Restaurants, bars, restroom facilities and meeting rooms are marked to enable you to make your boat show visit a fun an enjoyable experience.

I liked the idea of having one app where I could access all the information. I wish all boat shows would create fun usable apps for their shows.

 Here is a list of some of the Boat Shows coming up this winter.

 Miami International Boat Show February 14-18th, 2013.

Palm Beach Boat Show is happening March 21-24th, 2013

Suncoast Boat Show in Sarasota Florida April 19-21st, 2013

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show October 25-29th, 2012 (Completed)

Houston Boat Show January 4-13th, 2013

Tampa Bay Boat Show March 8-10th, 2013

Trawler Fest January 29-February 2nd, 2013

Southeast Boat Show, Jacksonville, Florida, April 12-14th, 2013

This is by no means a complete list of all the boat shows.  There are literally hundreds of boat and outdoor shows around the country every year.  So, take the family out for a fun day and check out a boat show near your.

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