Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garmin Quatix Marine Watch

Application: Wrist Watch GPS
Function: Navigation, GPS, NMEA data
Cost: $449.99
Rating: *****

This is not an app but it is worthy of a shout out for the latest release by Garmin.  Garmin made a big announcement today introducing their Quatix Marine Watch.  Building on the success of their other sports watches the Quatix is loaded with a ton of marine features. This thing is so cool, it is like StarTrek meets Captain Ahab

  • GPS
  • USB connectivity
  • 1000 waypoints
  • 50 routes
  • Base map
  • Course Over Ground
  • Speed Over Ground
  • Velocity Made Good
  • Chart plotter integration
  • Man overboard alarm
  • Tack assist
  • Anchor drag alarm
  • Count down timer
  • Virtual start line
  • Barometer
  • 3 axis compass
  • Tidal information
  • Sun/Moon info
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • 6 week battery life in watch mode
  • 16 hour battery life in GPS mode
  • Alarms
  • Chimes
  • Vibrating alerts
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Integrated with Garmin BlueChart Mobile app and Homeport
  • Autopilot integration and control

Gamin's new GPS watch appears to contain a boat load of hardware and features.  The onboard GPS and compass allows it to provide both speed, coarse and directional information.  Additional sensors including a barometer and altimeter provide the ability to forecast approaching storms and precise elevation data.  The three axis compass provide a bearing even if the user is moving or not.


The various features make it a must have for the racing sailor. It has the ability to record the start line location and use various timers to hit the start line at the gun.  Once off the line the watch switches to tack assist mode.  It then helps the helmsman know if the boat is getting headed or lifted according to the provided optimum tack angle.


The watch also has a few safety features that will help keep the person wearing it a little safer.  It has a Man Over Board feature that will automatically trigger an alarm on the yacht's Garmin chart plotter if the person wearing it falls over.  If the chart plotter is in control of the autopilot it could then steer back to the victim.  Never lose another crew member, sweet!


Garmin mentions that the watch can connect wirelessly using Garmin's built in wireless technology.  This gives your captain to the ability to control the onboard autopilot from his wrist anywhere on the yacht.

The connectivity also allows the transfer of waypoints, tracks and routes with the new Garmin BlueChart Mobile app and Homeport. NMEA 2000 data from your yacht can also be streamed to your wrist from the Garmin GNT 10 NMEA transceiver. This could include wind speed, direction and water depth and temperature. 

You can't buy one just yet, but after the FCC gives it the big OK it should be available later this year.  I am starting to save already. I figure if I combine Fathers Day, my birthday and Christmas I just might be able to swing it! Who's with me?

~~~Sail On~~~ /)

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