Thursday, November 11, 2010

tideApp Worldwide Tidal Data


Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Nautical tide data
Cost: Free
Rating: ****

If you have ever sailed in Florida, the Bahamas or other shallow areas you know how important tidal information can be.  tideApp is a free application for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that gives you an extensive list of tidal locations not only in the United State but around the world. I was amazed by the number of entries from the US. Hit the Ports tab to view the locations that have data.

  • Selecting the Near Me soft key list the tidal stations near the user.  This is a nice feature to locate tidal information when you enter a new area. You don't have to know what the stations are named, tideApp already know which one are best for this area.
  • The Port soft key is where the list is divided into US and Non-US stations.
  • Once you have found a tidal station that you want you can save it as a Favorite and show it when you launch the program if you like.
  • Extensive list of US and Non US tidal readings.
  • Internet connection required. 
This app is well worth downloading. For free you get worldwide tidal data. The extensive list will have almost any location you sail or boat to.  It displays the data in text and graphical form. I like the favorites selection, it allows you to save your favorite tidal locations so you can return to them easily.

It lacks a map of the tidal stations. A map would help the user to see where the data is coming from compared to their location. The application needs an Internet connection to work. No connection, no data. Most of us don't always boat in an area where WiFi or cell service is always available.

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