Saturday, November 20, 2010

MotionX GPS - The Art of Motion

MotionX GPS

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: GPS Navigation, tracking
Cost: $2.99
Rating: ****
This may be the best $3.00 you will ever spend for a GPS navigation app. Fullpower has put together an easy to use application to help navigate your favorite sport or activity.  Wether you sailing, biking, driving, hiking, skiing, boarding, geocaching or flying MotionX GPS can do it all. With up to nine different chart types this app will take you anywhere you want to go.

This is a full featured app which includes a GPS realtime tracking map display, a digital compass and a powerful trip computer. It has the ability to record waypoints, tracks and even photos and share them with friends via email or post then to your favorite social networking sites.


  • Allows you to track your position on land, sea, streets, topographic and terrain.
  • Download maps and charts for offline use.
  • Nine map overlays including Google, Bing and NOAA marine charts.
  • Save up to 303 waypoints of your favorite locations.
  • Double tap screen to create waypoints.
  • Follow your tracks in realtime with track up or north up and save up to 101 tracks.
  • Easily post your track to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Digital compass with true and magnetic north.
  • Audible voice coaching anounces your time, distance and speed at set intervals.
  • Interactive stopwatch and trip computer. Record live altitude and speed graphs.
  • Works on iPod Touch with Dual GPS cradle.

This app has the versatility that no other iPhone app has for the price. I found it easy to use and very intuitive for the user. I was able to download several different map types and display my position and track while navigating. Waypoints can be made by tapping twice on a map. The multitouch screen allows panning, zooming and dragging of the map. Facebook and Twitter integration allow you to share your current position, track and waypoints.  The app works with the iPhone and iPad GPS and WiFi.  I have an iPod Touch and was able to get it to work with my Dual GPS cradle.


I had a tough time finding many things wrong or missing from this app.  One comment might be that this is a good all around app but may lack detail if you are looking for a detailed marine chart plotter.  It allows you to track many different types of activities but may not replace your dedicated plotter. It would certainly work very well as a back up to most systems.  I did not find any integration of any NMEA 183 or 2000 data either. This may be another reason to hang onto your dedicated chart plotter.

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