Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vendee Globe 2012-2013

The Vendee Globe sailboat race is one of the most grueling test of the human endurance of any sport. The race takes place every 4 years and consists of 24,000 miles of unassisted non stop sailing around the world alone via the three capes.

This year 20 boat set out from Les Sables d'Olonne France on November 10th to take on the world's oceans. Seven boats have already dropped out of the race due to mechanical and electrical problems.

If your a sailing nut like me you want to be able to follow all the action and keep up on the latest news, videos and rankings of the boats.  Today's technology allows us up close and personal access to the race and the sailor's daily struggle. 

The Vendee Globe app is free, so download it now and start following your favorite skipper and boat. These 60 foot yachts are amazing and several 24 hour distance records have already been recorded.

The leader at this time is Francois Gabart who is sailing along at 20 knots on his way past the Cape Of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa. The race it close with several other boats in contention.

App Features:
  • Realtime tracking of boats and skippers
  • Get tracking and speed data of each boat
  • Check the latest weather
  • Keep up on the latest news
  • View pictures of the event
  • View Videos from the yachts
  • Get the latest rankings
  • Share your comments on Facebook and Twitter
  • Get the latest news and information relative to the village of Vendée Globe 2012-2013
I have to admit I will not ever get the chance to compete in this race, so this app may be the closest thing I will get to the real thing.  Don"t miss any of the action download it today!

~~~Sail On!~~~


  1. Hmmm, I thought there were only two capes. Cape Horn, and Cape of Good Hope. What's the third cape?

  2. Cape Leeuwin in Austrailia. See the link