Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iNavX 3.6.1 Introduces Theyr Weather

iNavX is one of the most full featured apps for marine navigation available today for the iPad and iPhone.  It is personally one of my favorites for is robust list of features.  They are constantly adding features and upgrading the user experience of their app. Their latest addition is the offering of high resolution GRIB weather forecast data and overlays for the app.  I have written about the iNavX app extensively, so be sure to check out all my tutorials on iNavX here.

iNavX is offering the new Theyr Weather high resolution GRIB data products for purchase on their X-Traverse site. Theyr is a fairly new company which has been around since about 2007.  They have quickly become one of the premiere providers of high resolution weather data products in the world.

Reliable and accurate weather forecast information is demanded by even your average boater today.  It can make the difference between a fun day on the water or possible disaster if your caught off guard by a storm.

Theyr Weather Forecast Features:
  • Wind
  • Wave
  • Pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Air Temperature
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Wind + Pressure + Precipitation
To add the Theyr weather data to your iNavX app you first have to go to the X-Traverse site and login with your user name and password. An X-Traverse account will cost you $10 per year.  Forking out $10 buck a year is kind of a pain, but if you want to download charts and GRIB files, pay up.  You will need to have Internet access, either WiFi, satellite or cell connection to download the GRIB files.

There are a couple of options when purchasing the Theyr weather GRIB overlays. If your on the water for just a few months a year it may make sense to purchase service on a monthly basis for $3.99.  They also have a monthly premium monthly product for $6.99.

If your sail more than a few months it is worth purchasing a yearly subscription for $9.99. The yearly premium product will run $19.99.

Standard subscriptions include: Pressure, Wind, Precipitation Rate, Air Temperature.  Premium subscriptions include: Pressure, Wind, Precipitation Rate, Air Temperatures, Sea Surface Temperatures.

Follow these step to purchase and access the data.
  1. Update iNavX to the latest version on the iTunes App Store.
  2. Log in to your X-Traverse account.
  3. Create an account if you don't have one. 
  4. Select Purchase Charts or Maps tab, then add the appropriate Theyr weather option to your shopping cart.
  5. Once purchased, launch iNavX on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
  6. While viewing a chart, select Forecast, then Theyr Weather Parameters.
  7. Select the Region, then Mode.
  8. Select the Save button, then go back to the Chart tab.
  9. Use the arrows to advance to the next forecast or the animate button to cycle through the forecasts.
iNavX has the option to import the GRIB files from X-Traverse, email or through a satellite phone connection using XGate or the AxcessPoint app.

iNavX continues to provide value added services and data to the app.  The Theyr Grib file data is just another added feature in addition to the standard Grib file data that is available on iNavX.  I will be nice to have the option to access to the high resolution GRIB forecast data. 

Keep up the great work, iNavX!

~~~Sail On~~~ /)

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