Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marine Education App

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Marine Education and Testing, navigation rules
Rating:  ****
Cost: Free Lite version, $2.99 full version

It is down right scary on the water sometimes when you encounter boaters who don't even know the rules of the road. They not only endanger themselves but put other boaters in danger as well. Some states require some kind of boater safety class while most do not. If your a novice boater who wants to learn the basics or a avid boater who wants to brush up on your nautical knowledge this app is a great resource.

The folks at the MarineNeed website have created the Marine Education app.  This is a great resource to add to your iPhone or iPad to help you learn how to navigate the marine environment.

  • 12 Study categories
  • 3 levels of quiz difficulty
  • Offline functionality for studying and testing yourself 
  • Self test: Interactive quiz mode with 3 levels of difficulty
  • Visual images: Detailed, full colour illustrations & explanations
  • Progression management: Record your quiz score outcomes
  • Social media: Post your scores to Facebook or Twitter
  • Buoyage - Worldwide coverage for IALA A & B regions
  • Tides
  • Weather
  • I.R.P.C.S. (road rules for sail & power craft)
  • Chart symbols
  • Night navigation lights
  • Sound signals
  • Day shapes
  • Engine Types
  • Anchors
  • Hull types
  • Safety 
Study Mode:  This mode offers the option to learn from a wide range of categories. Each category has specific questions offering a cutting edge learning experience. Full color flash cards are expertly drawn by marine publications illustrator Pete Galvin. Each illustration is accompanied by a clear and concise description.
This mode provides the user a variety of  categories to choose from. In study mode you are given a graphic related to one of the categories. The underlying rule or explanation is provided by tapping on the image.  I found it very easy to use and intuitive.

The images are very colorful and informative and the explanation and rules are easy to understand.

Quiz Mode: The quiz mode provides an intuitive and fun experience for learning. Three different levels of difficulty are provided so whether you’re just starting out or an experience marine user, there are challenging questions for everyone.

Each time you take a quiz, 40 questions are selected at random.  Three levels of difficulty are provided, so you should never get the same series of questions twice. 

Unfinished quizes are kept so you can pick up where you left off if you get interrupted during a quiz. Quiz scores are recorded for each of the quizes you take in each of the three categories.

Video Tutorials:  The app is also linked to a nice video tutorial on YouTube. Other video resources are available for training in the areas of navigation, weather, tides, sailing, power boating and jet skiing.

This app is a great resource to have handy while boating.  We all could use a refresher on the many aspects of navigtion, bouyage, safety, rules of the road and navigation lights.  Don't become one of those boaters people complain about. Become a competent captain and earn respect on the water.

~~~Sail On~~~ /)


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