Monday, October 8, 2012

Marine Resource Links Page?

I had the day off today from my real job as a power marketer.  My wife was not so fortunate and was off this morning to work. 

The vacation day allowed me to spend some time thinking about my blog. I am always trying to come up with ways to improve the blog and provide more information to my followers. Thank you loyal followers!

I get numerous requests from people who want me to list a link on my site.  i-Marine apps, by the way, gets over 35,000 hits per month, so there is a fair amount of traffic to the site.  I thought it might be a good idea to start a Marine or Nautical links section.  I would list your link for free as long as it has to do with the marine industry.  All I would ask in return is that you support i-Marine apps by clicking on a few Google adds on the site or make a PayPal donation if you feel so inclined.  I have had several companies make donations and they are very much appreciated.  If you could put a reciprocal link to my blog on your site or blog that would be a win - win for both of us.

I am picturing a wide range of sections, including marine blogs, apps, boat cruising blogs, marine suppliers, marine hardware and electronics, marine charts, marine navigation, marine events and organizations, yacht clubs.  If it has to do with boats and the water your in. 

So, start sending in your links and I will get the Marine Resources page started.  I hope it will become a useful resource for us all. You can repond to this blog post with your link.

I have also thought about paid adds for the site. Some companies have approached me about placing adds on my site.  I am working on this and will have more information in the future on the capability to place adds on i-Marine Apps.

Hope everyone has a great week!

~~~Sail On~~~ /)


  1. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for adding Marine Links and more helpful information to i-Marineapps. I know we at would definitely appreciate having our site included. Have you checked out the latest version of the BlooSee Mobile app? We've added a lot new features since the last version you reviewed. We have more exciting developments on the way. Always happy to chat or answer any questions. Clicked on bunch of sidebar ads today :-)


  2. Colin, will be on the list. Thanks for notice of the update. I will check it out. Thanks for your support!