Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wind Meter

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Weather, wind speed
Cost: $.99
Rating: ***

I was a little skeptical about this Wind Meter app but after reading several positive reviews I thought I would give it a try.  The reviews seem to support the claims of the developer.  Although not perfect, the meter was surprisingly accurate in estimating the wind speed.  It does have some limitation though.

The meter works by simply holding your iPhone up directly into the wind and pressing the "Get Wind" button.  After about 5 to 10 seconds push the "Got Wind" button.  The app calculates the average wind speed over that period of time.  The authors website says that it will estimate the wind speed fairly accurately between 4 and 28 miles per hour. 

The app also has a convert function which allows you to measure wind speed in miles/hour, knots, knot/hour, Beaufort scale, meters/second and feet/second.  A calibration feature allows adjusting of the units reading up or down to more accurately reflect the true wind speed.

The app works as advertised but I found it's limited range of 4-28 miles per hour a big drawback.  If you are looking for a more accurate and full range wind meter I suggest you invest in something else.  For $.99 the Wind Meter app gives you a handy way to estimate the wind.

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