Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boating Suite

Application: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Function: Boat Organization and Logging
Cost: $4.99
Rating: ***

As an electrical engineer I like things to be organized, not only on my boat but in all aspects of my life. There is a lot of information that needs to be logged and kept on board if you own a larger yacht or boating vessel. There are needs for a cruising log, maintenance records, fuel log and to do lists.  One app that looked useful to consolidate all of this is Boating Suite.

The people at Boating have put together a nice app that not only lets you consolidate your data but it can also create useful reports when it is time to use the information.

  • Six apps in one
  • Log Book
  • Fuel log
  • Maintenance log
  • Expense log
  • To do list
  • Shopping list
  • Reports
  • Easy to use interface
The Log Book:

We all know how important it is to keep a detailed cruising log of every trip. Boating Suite has an extensive logging feature that allows you to keep Trip Date, Departing Port, Departure and Arrival times, Boating hours, Air Temp, Water Conditions, Crew and Trip description. Even if it is a short pleasure cruise you can quickly add the information to the app an have a record of your trip. The once dreaded logging chore has become quick and easy with the use of this app

Fuel Log:

Information about the performance of your yacht is also useful to keep track of fuel expenses and determine your fuel economy.  The Fuel Log allows inputs for Purchase Date, Engine hours, Gallons per Hour and Hours per Gallon, Purchase amount, Gallons Purchased, Octane type, Vendor and Notes. Any change in mileage can be noted and it may help you find performance or other maintenance issues with your yacht.  Whenever you fill up you can quickly add the information right at the dock while you waiting to get underway.

Maintenance Log:

A maintenance log can be very useful to keep your yacht performing at its best. It is useful to track all your maintenance and repair costs.  The Maintenance Log allows for inputs of Purchase Date, Engine Hours Purchase amount, Vendor, A short description of the item and Notes. This is useful information to provide to your mechanic if he needs a history of what has been replaced and when.

Expense Log:

Most of us don't want to keep track of what our boating costs us, but if you do, Boating Suite can do  it for you. These are all other expenses other than Maintenance and Fuel.  Inputs include Purchase Date Engine hours, Purchase Amount, Vendor, Short Description and Notes.

To Do List:

There are always projects and things that need to be fixed on your yacht. This list allows you to make an entry so you do not forget to do those small things that fall through the cracks.  Simply add them to your To Do List and work on them in your free time.

Shopping List:

I am getting older and find that I need to make lists to remind myself to do things and pick up various items.  I use the yellow sticky notes extensively. Now I can simply enter the item on my Shopping list and swing by the marine store or liquor store and pick up the necessary items.  Don't forget the rum!


The reporting functions allow you to get important data out of the app when needed. There are individual reports for each function and an export feature that allows you to download the data to you PC or Mac computer.

I found the app useful and easy to use.  It has cleaned up my record keeping and consolidated the scraps of paper and various other notes that were floating around the boat. I now have it all in one place. Organization is good!

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