Sunday, February 27, 2011

Raymarine PlotterSync with Navionics Mobile

I reviewed the Navionics Mobile app earlier and it looks like they have been busy working with other industry hardware makers to incorporate the ever growing interest in the use of phones and tablets for marine navigation. This trend is only going to continue. Hardware manufacturers can't ignore the popularity of these smart handheld devices and further integration will continue into the marine environment.

Raymarine and Navionics have teamed up to provide a plotter synchronizing feature between the Raymarine G and E series wide screen plotters and the popular Navionics marine charting apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  The Plotter Sync enables the wireless exchange of navigation data between the two devices.

The Navionics app on your iPad or iPhone can be used while at home to plan your routes and trip.  Take it to your yachts and the app will sync the routes and waypoints with your Raymarine G and E series chart plotters. Data such as waypoint locations and route plans can now be instantly synchronized using WiFi technology. Work is continuing to add additional data types to the sync feature.

A standard wireless WiFi router has to be added to the Raymarine G and E series  plotters Seatalk interface to allow the two devices to talk to each other.  Raymarine shows you how to set up the sync feature on their website shown here

Raymarine has also provide a YouTube video showing the functionality of the sync features. See below

Looks like a convenient feature if you have Raymarine products and the Navionics mobile software.

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  1. Plotter sync has been teporary removed on the latestversion of Boating HD Navionics