Sunday, February 13, 2011

NMEA Remote

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: NMEA data display
Cost: Lite version $1.99 or full version $7.99
Rating: ****

I have been looking for the best way to display NMEA data on the iPhone and iPad. I could spend $1100 and get a Maretron NMEA display but that just was not in the budget this year or any year.  Being cost conscious and down right cheap I took to searching for an app to do the job.

NEMAremote caught my eye and seems to do a nice job. Micheal Zapf is the author and he looks to be a sailing enthusiast also. You will need to have your yacht's NMEA data on a network.  The app is presently compatible with Seamate 1A Lite, Sailmon and any NMEA/RS232-WiFi bridge.  The Digi connect Wi-SP I think would also work.  These devices wirelessly transfer your ships network data to your iPhone or iPad. No need for that $1100 dollar display when you already have an iPhone or an iPad.


NMEA 0183 compatible
Four different color themes, classic, night, silver and amber (shown below)
Data source can be from core locational services or NMEA talker
Units can be switched to English or metric
Eight different displays of NMEA data in the lite version
Data displays GPS lat/lon,
Satellites in view
Boat speed
Boat depth
Apparent Wind
Magnetic and true
Current speed, max speed,
Log and trip

Here are a few screen shots

I downloaded the lite version but have not extensively used it yet. Is anyone else using the full version?


  1. I found a new feature that I did not know existed with NMEA Remote. It got it to work initially with location services but it took some reconfiguring to get it to work with TCP/IP over WiFi. Go into settings select NMEA, Sources and select Edit. If you have the Lite version you will have to delete the Locational Services source to add the TCP/IP source. In the bottom section fill in the port number and the IP address of the laptop or pc. With the full version it will allow you to add another source configuration. Have fun!

  2. I want to find out if NMEAremote can send NMEA data from my iPad over the power cable, through a USB/RS232 adapter to a Digitrak aviation autopilot.

    USB/RS232 Adapter:

    Trutrak Digitrak autopilot:

  3. You might have to contact the developer for that question. I think it just displays the NMEA data. Not sure NMEA Remote has any output functions.

    iNavX is a marine navigation app for the iPad that I know can control an autopilot. This video shows you how to do it with a Brookhouse wireless imux multiplexer. Have fun and stop back soon.


  4. I am looking for a "box" that will take NMEA 2000 data and send it via WiFi to iPad 2 with 3g... want to spend less then the imux which does this for NMEA 0183. Anyone know if there is such a converter box N2K to Wi-Fi? If so contact me at

  5. Search on "rs232 to wi-fi adapter" and you'll find several. They all seem to cost $150+

  6. I prefer MID WiFi as it is simplier and easier to use. Also shows heeling and calculates the predixted speed.

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  8. Sir Sheamus,
    Thanks for kind words. I try to make it useful and informative. Consider becoming a follower of the blog to keep up with the latest news and posts. Click on a few Google Adds in the blog to support the site if you wish. It would be greatly appreciated!

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  9. Great blog! I want to get nmea data to my iPad and use one of the applications you mentioned, Nmea remote or iNavx, etc. Can I use an RS232 to wifi adapter to send my nmea data via wifi to my iPad and use any of those recommended apps to receive and process the data instead of using a product like iMux which is substantially higher cost?


    1. Jeff,

      Great to hear from you! Glad you found the site and hope you become a follower to keep up on all the latest posts.

      If you don't want to use a hardware iMux. You can use software Mux programs like NavMonPC or Franson GPS Gate. You will need to have a computer to run these. Both programs set up a TCP/IP link to programs like iNavX.

      Not sure what your hardware setup it like or what the RS232 source is? I know their are some RS232 to WiFi devices like the Digi Wi-SP used with iNavX.

      See link

      Spread the word about iMarine Apps!


  10. just downloaded the lite version cannot get it to recognize my wireless router

  11. NMEA remote has to be connected to a TCP/IP server on a laptop or wireless RS232 server. If your PC has a connected GPS and marine data connect to that. The TCP/IP PC software like Franson GPS Gate or NavMon PC have TCP/IP servers that will connect to NMEA remote over a wireless adhoc network. First set up an adhoc network on your PC and then go to setting/WiFi connection on your iPad and connect to that PC add hoc network.

    If you don't want to use a PC you will have to buy a wireless server line a Digi WISP or aI Imux WiFI.

    Access the settings menu in NMEA remote by tapping on the top right of the screen. A gear icon will appear. Select this to enter settings/NMEA/sources then select edit. Delete the core locations setting and select the + to add NMEA over IP. Enter the port number that you set up in the TCP/IP server software and you should be communicating.

    Good luck

    1. Mark - does this APP work with NMEA 2000

  12. Sorry, no NMEA 2000 yet. Only NMEA 0183 compatible at this time. It is a pretty slick app. I too would like to see a NMEA version.


  13. There there is an app called nGauge.

    This app does display NMEA 2000 data from the Chetco Seasmart wireless device.
    This might be an option for you!


  14. what about engine data that is transmitted via nmea? could an ipad become a centrallised total display for a small boat, so no more guages and dials and gps and so on and so forth - just one single ipad, with all nmea instruments including engines - to iPad?

    1. Mike,

      Welcome and thanks for the question. That is possible and there are electronics available to day to capture and convert the analog data to digital data to be sent over WiFi to your iPad.

      Start with Noland Engineering.

      Maretron is another company.

      Chetco is another that does NMEA 2000 and 0183

      Acticense is another

      At this point some of the hardware is pretty expensive. I personally have not tried any of these units. Check them out!


  15. I have an NMEA 0183 to WiFi converter. I'm using an older Stowe Dataline databox. It'd delivering NMEA sentences but without the checksum. A few apps I have tried refuse to process a sentence without a checksum. Will yours dispaly my Speed and Depth? (That's all I need.)