Monday, September 7, 2015

iNavX Version 4.7.0 Brings New Changes and New Ownership

If you have updated your iNavX app recently you might have notice the new logo.  The logo is not the only thing that has changed. The creator of iNavX, Richard Ray has reportedly sold his iNavX, MacENC and GPSNavX applications to NavX Studios LLC.

You can check out their new website  for a list of all the features and support links.  It is cool to see if you click on the Tutorials tab on their website it takes you to my blog, i-Marine Apps site.  All the tutorials that I did for iNavX can be accessed there.

Over the years I have written numerous articles and tutorials about iNavX for a good reason.  It is still ranked #1 on my list of Best Marine Charting apps. I hope the new owners and developers will be as engaged at Richard was with the boating community.  The MacSailing message board for iNavX is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn all they can about the app and it's capabilities.

In the past there were only iPhone and iPad versions of the iNavX. MacENC and GPSNavX were programs for iOS computers.  I am sure there are many users out there that would love to see an Android version of the industry leading iNavX app. Maybe the new owners can work on that.

Over the years I have made many suggestion for improvements to the app. One of the main things I do hope the new owners address is the xTraverse website.  It would be so much easier to download charts if the app allowed in app purchases.  The whole process of paying for the xTraverse yearly membership and then purchasing charts through the site is a bit cumbersome and frankly more complicated that is has to be. I am not sure why is set up this way but in app purchases would be a great improvement.

I will keep an eye on the new iNavX team and report any new developments. Stay Tuned!!

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  2. Hi, Mark. Just a quick comment about the new owner.

    I noticed that the way one gets to the AyeTides App has changed with the latest version. I thought that maybe there was a problem with the App. I sent a note to the company, and received a reply within minutes, with the answer -- Tides are now accessible via the Forecast tab.

    Kudos to Jim for his quick and helpful reflects well on the new owner!


    1. Vic,

      Great to hear from you and welcome! Glad you got a quick response from iNavX. The old owner was very responsive and was very active on the MacSailing message board. I hope the new owner keeps up the great customer service. Make sure you become a follower and tell all you friends about iMarine Apps. Pass the word and click on a few Google adds to help me pay the bills.

      Keep in touch!