Friday, March 9, 2012

MaxSea TimeZero on iPad via Splashtop

Yo ho ho a bloggers life for me. A bloggers life can be pretty boring sometimes. You pour your heart and soul into your work hoping someone will notice or comment on your witty musings.  My goal with i-Marine Apps has always been to find the coolest, geekiest marine apps to help all of you boaters enjoy your iOS devices while sailing on your local pond or on the seven seas around the world. 

I was spending a lot of time looking at all these apps anyway(just ask my wife).  I thought, self, you should be sharing your infinite techie wisdom with your fellow boaters.  I was a little naive and thought everyone knew how all these apps worked.  My brother who is very technically challenged in the IT department always told me, Mark, not everyone gets this stuff like you do.  I was a revelation, the light bulb came on, one of the ah ha moments, I had not realized how confusing some people find this stuff.  I thought everyone was able to figure this stuff out on their own.  I took his comments to heart and have been writing ever since.

The thing I enjoy the most from blogging is receiving emails from people all over the world wanting to know what app is best to do this and what app is best to do that.  I try my best to help them out. That is the neighbourly thing to do, right!

I received an email from a Grandma who was preparing for the cruising lifestyle.  She thanked me for my tutorial on iNavX and said it was helping her to understand and use the app.  That email so warmed my heart and made writing this blog all worth it.

Sailors are a friendly bunch who are always willing to help each other out. It is a small community of people all sharing the same dream. If you don't think so just wander down any dock in any marina around the world and I bet you will make a friend in five minutes.  Boaters want to talk about boats and want to talk to other people who own boats.

Another common thread we all share is this insane desire to pour money into our boats.  I once heard that BOAT stands for "Break Out Another Thousand", I had to laugh, how true. We always find the money for the next new gadget or boat project.  My brother also made an astute observation about boaters. They all have the worst lawns on the block because on the weekends they go boating, the heck with the lawn.

I hope you find my articles interesting, if you do email or comment please. If you find them boring, please email or comment I will try to make them more interesting.  Either way I would love to hear from you all out there in "boating land" and know what you find interesting. You can support the site by clicking on a few adds if you find those interesting or donating through PayPal.

In the mean time I will keep researching and writing about these cool apps. I know this adventure is alot like sailing. It is all about the journey not the destination.

Speaking of emails, I just received one from a marketing manager at MaxSea.  They have some wonderful products and their MaxSea navigation software is widely used by cruisers and racers around the world.

Marcela wanted me to know that it is very easy to view their MaxSea software on the iPad using an app called Splashtop Desktop Remote.  You will also need to download the free Splashtop streamer program on your PC.  I briefly talked about the Splashtop Remote Desktop app and some other cloud applications a while ago in this blog.

She has put together a great little tutorial on their blog to show you how to view their MaxSea TimeZero software on the iPad. The great thing about Splashtop is that anything you can put on your desktop PC can be directly displayed and controlled from your iPad. There are a thousand uses for the app and for $4.99 it is well worth it.

Take a look at Marcela's blog and if you have MaxSea or any other kind of navigation software on your PC, follow her instructions to display it on your iPad.

Thanks for sharing Marcela, hope to hear from you again soon!

~~~ SailOn~~~

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