Sunday, February 5, 2012

Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Iridium Satellite WiFi
Rating: ****
Cost: Free

Sailors at sea used to be disconnected and isolated from family, friends and business ashore. The satellite communications systems have changed all of that. One company that has been at the forefront of satellite telephone communications is Iridium. Most people know it as a satellite telephone company. They have been in business for years and have recently added products for tracking and monitoring, data and voice services, modems and modules for personal tracking and monitoring systems.

The Iridium Axcess point will literally create a WiFi hotspot anywhere in the world. The Axcess point connects to your Iridium satellite phone with a USB connection and allows you to access email and the Internet. The two phones that it works with are the Iridium 9555, about $1000.00 and the Iridium Extreme, about $1500.00.  You will also need a subscription and data services. There are usage charges that are billed per minute which start when you connect to the Internet. This is, at last, an affordable way to wirelessly connect your iPad, iPhone or laptop to the Internet anywhere in the world. A basic Iridium satellite phone will cost  you around $1000.00 The Axcess point will run another $175.00.

The AxcessPoint Mail and Web app will seamlessly connect your iOS device to your Iridium Axcess point wirelessly. You can then send and receive batch emails and access a low band Internet connection.  You will also be able to download weather data and GRIB files to use in weather programs like Weather 4D or iNavX.

Login with your user name and password for your Iridium email and Internet account.

A few easy setup screen allow you to make the connection with the Iridium Axcess point or modify the configuration setting and trouble shoot the connection.

Additional setting for the servers and ports. It looks pretty straight forward and should be pretty much plug and play.

This system is fairly new and I do not have any world traveling plans at this time.  I wish I had $1500 to spend and a trip planned to the Caribbean so I could give it a try.  Does anyone have any experience with the Iridium Axcess point?


  1. Yes we do:

    1. Francis,

      That is great news! Looks like you and Olivier had a good chance to test the AxcessPoint, app and hardware. Glad to know it all works as designed. I will have to check out WeatherHD Pro again.

      ARC crossing, you guys rock. Let me know next year if you need crew!