Monday, January 16, 2012

Contour Connect App

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOs 4.0 and later
Function: Bluetooth connection to Contour camera
Cost: Free

I recently purchased a new High Definition video camera to use while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. I wanted a small camera I could use to catch all the action above and below the water while snorkeling or scuba diving. I decided to purchase the Contour+.  This is a small POV, point of view camera.  These are rather new on the market and are being used by sports enthusiast to capture all their extreme action.  The camera can be mounted on almost anything with the variety of mounts included.  The company offers three different models at several different price points. The Contour display app will only work with the ContourGPS and Contour+ models.

The ContourRoam is waterproof to one meter and has a 170 degree field of view. The ContourGPS allows you to geotag your videos to show where they were taken. The Contour+ also has a GPS and HDMI output among other options. All three models shoot high definition 1080P and 720P video. See the comparison of the models for a full list of options.  The video is recorded on micro SD cards up to 32GB. This will allow you to capture hours of video in HD quality.

The Contour+ and the ContourGPS wirelessly connect to an iPhone and Android app that will allow you to view the camera frame and change the settings on the camera through a Bluetooth connection. The Contour+ has the Bluetooth integrated in the camera. A separate Bluetooth connection card has to be purchased for the ContourGPS model.

App Features:
  • Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to preview what your camera sees before you record.
  • Review the battery and memory remaining on your Contour camera.
  • Change the camera settings in real-time including video mode, video quality, microphone, GPS, and lighting.
  • Receive the latest GPS Assist Now file so your Contour knows the latest satellite positioning.
Camera Features:
  • Each model has a few different features but all will share the same shape and for factor.
  • Removable battery is recharged using a standard usb cable connected to your computer.
  • Removable micro SD card storage up to 32GB of memory.
  • Records .MOV format video.
  • Rotatable lens.
  • Compact size with a variety of mounts to secure your camera.
  • Lightweight and compact they take up little space.
  • Includes a software video editing package for Windows or Mac. You can also use iMovie on your iPad to edit the video. The iPad camera connection kit will be needed to upload the video from the micro SD memory card.
Separate waterproof housings can also be purchased to extend the waterproof capabilities while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Here a few screen shots taken from the video camera.

Boaters will find many uses for these little underwater cameras.  Check out some of the great actions videos on the Contour site. You can use them for snorkeling, scuba diving to capture shots of the many fish and sea life below. Record you kids water skiing or wake boarding. Check out the underside of your yacht or take lots of great vacation and cruising video action.  These cameras are so versatile, compact and powerful you will want to have one on your next trip.  The Contour connect app only makes using the camera that much easier.

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