Friday, November 11, 2011

Volvo Ocean Race

I assume all you die hard sailors out there are following the Volvo Ocean Race. They are on day six of their race around the world.  All six boats left Alicante Spain and headed out into the Mediterranean Sea and eventually the Alantic Ocean on there way to Cape Town South Africa. Make sure to follow all the action on the official Volvo Ocean Race website

Two boats have already had mechanical problems and have dropped out of the first leg. Abu-Dhabi lost their mast and returned to Alicante for repairs. They restarted the race but decided to drop out of this leg again at this point. The will sail to Lisbon where they will pull the mast and get the boat on a freighter to Cape Town.

Sanya had problems with their hull separating after taking a beating in the Mediterranean Sea. They too have dropped out of the first leg. See the YouTube video of their damage.

More later!

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