Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Sailing Music "Jimmy Buffett"

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Boat Drinks, Son of a Sailor, Margaritaville, Jolly Mon Sing, Last Mango in Paris, One Particular Harbour, Pirate Looks at Forty, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Fins and the ever popular Cheeseburger in a Paradise. If you don't recognize any of these song titles you must have been living under a rock the past 30 years.  These are of course some famous hits by the entertainer, nautical and flying enthusiast Jimmy Buffett. You can find all of his music and parrottphanailia at his Margaritaville website.

I have been listening to Jimmy since I was a teenager back in the 1970's.  Yah, you guessed it I am a bit over 50 years old now.  Jimmy's music has been on board all my boats since then.  There is nothing better to set the mood and get the crew fired up about a day or weekend on the water.  I never leave the dock without my Buffett music collection. Back then the music was on vinyl albums, then came cassette tape, CDs and now digital downloads. I am not sure how many copies I have of each album but it doesn't matter.  This music is timeless if you are a sailor and a fan you know what I mean.


Jimmy Buffett has become the minstrel for the boating community over the years.  He is not that great of a singer, kind of a short and chubby guy but somehow he turned a couple of hits into a mega million dollar empire. He is actually a marketing genius.  His website, restaurants, stores, merchandise, Landshark beer and concerts have created a legion of followers that are know as Parrotheads.  I confess that I am a die hard Parrothead myself.  I already have my tickets for an August concert in Chicago.  We have made the annual pilgrimage to see him time and time again.  Last years we even took our teenage kids along. They grew up listening to the music so they were game to go and had a great time.

The tailgating and concerts are legendary in the industry. No one has better fans than Jimmy Buffett. His concerts are an escape for people to spend a few hours lost in Margaritaville away from their daily stresses of work and life.

Parrothead Phan Clubs have sprung up all around the country. These are die hards that love the music, tailgating and concerts. We continue to meet new people each years while tailgating at the concerts. Yes, that is me wearing the shark hat and hula skirt looking very professional. If you can't let loose and have a little fun life would be pretty boring.

So add a little Jimmy to your cruising music collection and sail off into the sunset looking for your own special Margaritaville.

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