Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nautical Signal Flag Information

Signal Flag Info

Application:iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Nautical Signal Flag Code
Cost: Free or $9.99

And you thought those pretty flags were just a way to decorate your yacht on holidays.  Signal flags have been used for centuries as a way for ships to communicate in situations related to safety and navigation. This international code works well especially when language difficulties arise. This handy little app will help you identify any of the 40 international code flags. Each flag spells out a specific letter and also has a specific meaning. For instance the square Yellow flag represents the letter Q(Quebec) and also is known as the quarantine flag flown by arriving vessels in a foreign port requesting entrance.


The free Signal Flags Info version give you a reference to the commonly used flags by warships, merchant ships, commercial fishing and private yachts. I also provides the full International Code of Signals for Visual Sound and Radio Communications document, Revised 2003.

The $9.99 version includes everything the free version has but also includes the United States Coast Guard Inland Navigation Rules and a handy Quiz tab to help test your memory on the flag signals and their meanings.


This information is readily available on the Internet but the author has put it in an easy to use form for your iThing.  The addition of the navigation rules is useful because it is a required safety item on all boats over 39.4 feet.  This is a very nice reference tool for helping the occasional boater and seasoned skipper to interpret the meaning of these signal flags.


I personally would not spend the $10 bucks to get the Signal Flags version 1.2.  It does allow multitasking for iOS4.0 if you need that.

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