iNavX Tutorial

1. iNavX - Getting Started

The most popular post on my blog last year was, iNavX.  It was the most searched for and read post during 2011. It is not hard to figure out why, iNavX was one of the first marine navigation apps out there for the iPhone and the iPad

This is part two of a tutorial for the marine navigation app iNavX. I have owned the app for about a year and have explored most of its functions and features.  Each new release seems to brings more features and added functionality

3. iNavX - Routes and Tracks

In part 1 of the tutorial, I covered "Getting Started with iNavX". In part 2 I showed you the many features of the the main iNavX Chart display. I also showed you how to create and edit Waypoints in several different ways. In this 3rd session I will cover the creation and editing of Routes and Tracks.

This is part 4 of a tutorial for iNavX. We have covered quite a bit in our previous posts so check them out to get up to speed on this great app.
This app is not only a great charting app but it has an extensive Instrument display package built in.  Many of us have instruments on our boats.  The power of this app is that you can put access to that instrument data in the palm of your hands anywhere on your yacht