Top 5 Best Marine AIS Display Apps

AIS stands for Automated Identification System. Large commercial ships are required to broadcast AIS data to allow surrounding commercial and recreational mariners information about the course, speed, name and size of the vessel.  AIS receivers have become popular with boaters and now this collision avoidance data can be easily displayed on the iPhone or iPad. Here are my TOP Marine AIS display apps.

1. SEAiq

SEAiq is a great all around app and has awesomely incorporated the display of AIS targets on the charts. The new AIS sharing function displays internet based AIS targets and shares the boats position data with the online database. It also displays targets received by your onboard AIS hardware.  Requires an AIS receiver or an Internet connection and an onboard WiFi network. Priced $24.99 to $39.99.

2. iNavx

iNavx not is not only one of the best digital chart display apps but it also can display AIS data for you on the marine charts within the app.  This integration is a plus. Requires an AIS receiver and a WiFi network. On the more expensive side at $49.99.

3. Digital Yachts NavLink
A complete charting and navigation app with integrated AIS right on the charts. AIS through Digital yachts AIS receiver.

4. Boat Beacon

This app works with an internet connections and displays ship data from land based AIS receivers. It is now incorporated into the SEANav GPS charting app. Price $9.99.

5. Digital Yachts AIS

If your interested in just displaying the AIS data on a radar like display this app may be for you. Requires an AIS receiver and a WiFi network.  Priced right at $6.99.

6. AIS Radar

This app requires that you have an AIS receiver and WiFi. Basic radar like display and target information. Prices at $11.99

7. Boat Watch

This app requires an internet connection. Displays ships in all major ports from land based AIS receivers. Find and track ships. Search by MMSI, name or place and to favorites. Email or message a ships data and position

8. Ship Finder HD

The app uses your internet connection to display ships from their ShipFinder website.  They have a extensive network of AIS receivers. Priced right at $6.99. Requires internet connection.

9. Marine Traffic

Allows you to display ship data from over 850 ports and open sea areas. Requires internet connection. Priced at $3.99.