Top 5 Best Marine Data Apps

Here are the TOP 10 BEST marine data instrumentation display apps.  All of these apps allow you to share your on board instrument and GPS data with your mobile devices using TCP/IP over WiFi. I have reviewed all of these apps so click on the links to see the complete addition details.

1. Maretron N2KView

This app is amazing! It connects with proprietary Maretron products and can display just about anything you want it to. Uses TCP/IP and WiFi. Private licensing required.

2. Skippers Eye

Very versatile app to display a large of NEMA 0183 data points plus video. Uses TCP/IP and WiFi. Cost is a high at $65.00

3. iNavX

This is not only a great charting app but also has the capability to accept your ships NMEA 0183 data over your ships WiFi. A long list of instruments can be configured. Priced $49.99

4.  DMK Marine Instruments

It is the only app that accepts NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and SeaTalk data from a WiFi box. The WiFi unit cost $399 and $499 with GPS. Costs of hardware is high otherwise it would be rated higher.

5. Marine Instrument Display+WiFi

Great app allows multiple pages and font sizes, fully customizable. Uses TCP/IP and WiFi. Has night vision displays. Cost $11.99.  Marine Instrument Display  This is the little brother of MID+WiFi. This app will just display the internal GPS data from your iPhone or iPad. Still multiple pages and fonts sizes. Priced right at $3.99

6. nGauge

This app displays a wide variety of NMEA 2000 data over WiFi. Promises additional NMEA 0183. Many customizable pages and color of displays. Somewhat pricey for $19.99.

7.  iRegatta

This app was developed for racing but it also has the capability to accept NMEA 0183 data from your ships instruments over WiFi. Customizable instrument views and sizes. Great price at $9.99 for iPad and iPhone version.

8. NEMA Remote

The full version will cost you $18.99 and the lite version goes for $3.99. Great app for providing NMEA 0183 data to your iPad or iPhone. Uses TCP/IP and WiFi. It provide eight pages of navigation and instrumentation data.

 9. Tucabo Marine Instrument App

The marine instrument display app will cost you $6.99.  It is a awesome app that include basic navigation, wind and speed instrument displays. AIS data can also be displayed on the AIS tab. Various NMEA WiFi units a pre programmed for seamless display of NMEA data.

10. Airmar OnSiteWx

This app dsiplays a variety of weather related data along with your yachts instrument data. NMEA 0183 and 2000 data can be displayed on some set an customizable pages. The app is free and comes with many WiFi units pre-programmed with IP addresses and port numbers.

11. nke Marine Display

NKE displays splay of NMEA 0183 and 2000 data over a ships WiFi connection. Displays 8 pages of various instruments including speed, course, wind speed and direction, GPS, navigation and instrument data. Priced right $Free.