Saturday, September 17, 2011

Raymarine RayView

Application: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Function: Raymarine Multifunction Display
Rating: **
Cost: Free

RayView is a new app just released in the App Store on September 2.  There is not a lot of explanation in the App Store or on Raymarines' website.  It appears that the app allow any of your iOS devices to become a extended display for the Raymarine e7 Multifunction Displays.

Raymarine and the marine industry seem to continue to embrace the use of iOS devices.  This app is proof that one of the industry leaders has adapted and will continue to support WiFi access to their network displays.

I do not own any Raymarine Multifunctional displays so I was not able to test the app but it looks like when the app is started it automatically looks for a Raymarine wireless network.

  • Wireless WiFi connectivity to the Raymarine e7 Multifunctional display.
  • Allows display of the entire e7 display simultaneously with the video streaming capabilities.
  • View charts , sonar, video, radar or thermal night vision displays on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Use the Bluetooth connectivity to control your iPad, iPhone or iPad MP3 player from the multifunctional display.

If your a Raymarine multifunction display owner this is a no brainer. The app is free and it looks like it allows the user to view whatever is on the display. I am not sure it gives the user any control of the multifunctional display, it appears that it just allows the user to view the display. Has anyone used this app? Any feedback would be appreciated.