Friday, December 31, 2010

Navimatics Charts and Tides

Application: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Function: Marine Navigation and Charting
Cost: $24.99
Rating: ***

As I write this we are getting hit by the second blizzard in two days. Another 6-8 inches with 30-40 mph winds. Living in the Midwest you would think I would be use to it. I wish I was someplace warm sailing about now. Back to the review.

Navimatics has been around for years providing quality celestial, aeronautical and marine charts for navigation. The Charts & Tides program for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is claimed by Navimatics to be the first full resolution, seamless charting  program for marine navigation.  With the purchase of  Charts & Tides you can run the software on both your iPhone and iPad for one inclusive price.

Like all iPhone and iPad charting applications Charts & Tides should be considered as a backup to your onboard navigation system. 

Navimatics offers four different coverage regions depending on your use and location. It offers East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast and Great Lakes.

  • Supports standard NOAA vector charts.
  • All chart data is provided in the app and automatically updated to ensure the most recent version.
  • A true heads-up display instantly rotates your chart as your boat turns, including text.
  • The app has chart quilting which seamlessly displays the next chart as you move.
  • The full ActiveCaptain database is provided in the app for offline use. 
  • Fully synchronize the offline POI database with the ActiveCaptain server when you have an Internet connection so you can have the latest information.
  • Built-in search mode for finding any location, marina, bridge or other navigation items quickly.
  • 3D Bathymetry view for a different perspective of your navigation surroundings.
  • Plus integrated tides/currents, weather, sun/moon calendar and much more.
What I found unique about the Navimatics app is that is has the entire ActiveCaptain database downloaded in this app.  The database literally contains thousands of marinas, anchorages, hazards, bridges, boat ramps and other points of interest.  The ActiveCaptain website can also be utilized when an Internet connection is available. Having access to so much information in the ActiveCaptain database is a plus and it is what sets this app apart from any other charting app.
The app uses the NOAA ENC charts, bathymetric and topographical charts.  The app also provides tidal data for realtime current computation. The app allows the user to use it on the iPhone or the iPad with one purchase. No need to purchase two apps.

The NOAA ENC charts are free and can be downloaded from NOAA.  The author has simply put together this free information and provided it in an easy to use manner.  The ActiveCaptain data can also be accessed for free at their website  If you think it is work the $25.00 to have it on your iPhone or iPad it is available through Navimatics.


  1. Nice review - we're the developers of ActiveCaptain. The Navimatics app is what we honestly use ourselves when we're cruising and especially underway. One of the best capabilities are the hazard markers. Literally hundreds of markers showing up-to-date shoaling areas in places along the US ICW. They are invaluable.



  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for stopping by. My site is pretty new so appreciate your comments. It's always good to get feedback from the developers of these apps. I checked out your TakingPaws blog too, great to see you guys out there livin the dream. Hope to hear from you again!

    Spread the word about iMarine Apps. I am developing a favorites list and will definitely add ActiveCaptain.

    Sail On

  3. Any idea when it might be available for phones with the Android OS?

  4. I have not heard anything yet but I will try to find out. Android Apps are just starting to take off. I expect to see alot of progress with the Marine apps in the next year with many new Android offerings.

    Love your yacht! Perfect to explore Florida. Stop back soon.

    Sail On

  5. I contacted Namimatics and they said that they are working on an Android version and to "stay tuned". Bill Zissimopoulos of Navimatics Corporation responded but did not hint when that might be.

    Sail On